One minute pudding

A favorite one of many… Weekend treats cooked by Mum. It’s easy to make and quick which is why it has such a wonderful name!   You need your oven preheated to 190°c Ingredients 3oz butter 4oz sugar 5oz self-raising flour 1 large egg 1teaspoon baking powder 3 tablespoon milk 2 teaspoons of dried ginger…


 Sunday morning Trying to identify these wonderful flowers has been fun, discovering so many types of Echinacea and the amusing names. The yellow flower is called Echinacea, ‘yellowcone’, the purple one ‘purplecone’…

Garlic chinese chives

Garlic chives The small starry flowers can be used to garnish soups and salads , the flat leaves are delicious in soups and stir frys. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save


Argentinian vervain…tall verbena. This little ‘purpletop’ was found growing at my neighbours allotment this morning. It’s tightly clustered flowers remind me of flowering thyme. Save Save Save Save Save


    Coriander seed drying in my kitchen Save Save


Herbs…coriander,parsley,thyme,fennel, all ready for pickling. Save Save


When you’ve too much of everything,get pickling. Here’s various beetroots and onions with herbs and spices.Which were delicious, so thanks Chris!

Salad days are here again…

Salad’s Up! Here’s today’s line-up, straight off the land – beetroot, courgette, cucumber, pak-choi (with a little little ‘help’ from the slugs for the extra perforation), little gem lettuce: plus corriander, parsley and fennel for a herby diversion. So, what happened next? Served… with pumpkin seeds.

Lavender’s blue…

  Lavender’s blue! I took this photo this evening, the best it’s looked so far. The bees and i enjoying the evening sun. Save Save